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Video Arbitrage Training System

The Video Arbitrage Training System from Fencing Vision has quickly became a must-have tool for Referees and Fencers. As already in use for the FIE Grand Prix and World Cup events, now the system is available for a more ecient training. In addition, the software automatically marks actions and hits that have triggered a replay making those decisive actions available for systematic review. Image is recorded and displayed in high denition and of course Sound is available for the referee as well.

The Software is FIE homologue. Coaches but also Referees benet from the recording and replay tool as it is perfectly suitable for analysing and archiving competition and training sessions.


  • plug and play equipment
  • full automatic mode with data connection to each scoring apparatus (Supported brands are Allstar, SG31/Wireless, SG21, Favero FA07, Favero FA05, EFU 4)
  • The number of repetitions and the replay speed are variable
  • The entire clip includes sound and metadata like scoring lamp indicators, scores and time are saved on the hard disk and can be used for high ecient post-analysing process
  • compatible with our fencing vision results system & video statistics application

All bouts are permanently recorded in HD by highly specialized and state of the art video equipment. The components t the FIE requirements without any limitations of quality or distances.

Package contents

Basic bundle

  • 20 Megapixel camcorder with wideangle lens, 21-X opt. Zoom
  • high denition capture card in broadcast quality
  • Video Arbitrage recording software licence
  • wireless data connection to scoring apparatus
  • signal converter for huge camera distances
  • 15m camera cable
  • Recording Notebook LENOVO IDEAPAD (15,6"), Core i7 or AMD A10-5750 quad core cpu, 8GB RAM, Windows 8.1, 256GB SSD
  • transport case, waterproof

Notice: The data connection from scoring apparatus is available for RS232 (Allstar machine) OR RS422 (SG31, Favero FA07). The price remain same either RS232 or 422 have been selected but an upgrade of an existing package to the dierent serial interface is available.

Optional components

  • Camera Distance Extension - Cable Drum
    • 50m assembled HD-SDI High Quality video cable
    • Schill GT 235 cable drum
    • Neutrik BNC connectors in broadcast quality
  • Serial connection scoring upgrade
    • Allstar<->SG21, SG31, Faver FA07
  • Tripod crane extension & professional tripod
    • 2,8m hight
    • 7" TFT HDMI Screen for camera volunteer
  • Professional Tripod + Manfrotto Head
    • Professional heavy duty Tripod
    • Manfrotto Fluid Head
  • venue camera holder
    • wall mount xed installation
  • One year remote support
    • online and phone support for one year
    • via teamviewer, skype or similar
Video Arbitrage Training System
Fencing Vision
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Video Arbitrage Training System
Juli 2014

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