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Video: Fischer Alpin-Ski: RACE BOOSTER Technologie 2014/15


The race plate plays a key role in turns: it makes sure that the skier's power is directed to where it should go - in the turn. And this is precisely Fischer's approach, with RACE BOOSTER revolutionising power transfer.

Unique construction for unparalleled flex.

Everyone looks for a way to ski turns more aggressively - and Fischer has found it. The magic formula is: faster and stronger flex! This is achieved through a completely new design of race plate. Instead of a rigid construction the flexible, three-part design enables maximum ski flex at the centre of the ski resulting in a previously unthinkable concentration of power for faster and shorter turn initiation.

The first choice for highest ambitions!

Fischer RACE CODE means direct access to exclusive World Cup technology. This is where, in collaboration with athletes and ski technicians, innovations are developed which first have to prove their worth in the technological "arms race" in the professional Alpine competitions before they make it into this top segment of series production.

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